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Let Seed Importers locate, design and build your grow room site to save you or your company time and money! We have over 30 years experience with designing, building, construction and consultation doing just this! We specialize in personal and commercial grow room builds. We're experienced with building these in warehouses, green houses, residential basements and everywhere else!

horticulture lighting system
HLG Lighting

HLG Lighting

We are authorized distributors of HLG Lighting. This brand offers the best horticulture lighting systems in the world with their state of the art technology.

Maximize Yields

Maximize the yields in your grow room with quality high efficiency lamps that maintain low operating costs.

Pushing Boundaries

Push the boundaries of your grow site with HLG horticulture lighting.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

All lighting products are fully guaranteed. Expect 100% satisfaction.

Maximize the yields in your grow room site with our experienced team handling all of the design, construction and consultation. We can also install quality high efficiency lamps that maximize yields and maintain low operating costs. We will build your entire grow site from start to finish while you focus on other aspects of your business. Once completed, we will continually consult with you or your team to achieve your grow room's maximum potential.


Seed Importers Is The #1 Premier Source For Help With Your Grow Room Site.

We specialize in personal and commercial grow site construction and grow site consultation. Let Seed Importers assist you with:

  • Finding the right space
  • Design the layout and specifications.
  • Create an efficient light tight environment.
  • Configure the grow room site with the best lighting system for your area.
  • Determine the best and most efficient air exchange system to use with the correct fans.
  • Employ grow room safety.

Stop wasting time and resources! You can count on Seed Importers to get your grow operation up and running the right way.

Nevermind Trying To Figure This Out On Your Own - Save Time & Money

Setting up your grow room correctly is a very meticulous task. You need to make sure:

  • You are planning correctly for the applicable size of space.
  • The correct floor and flooring material is used.
  • The right level of humidity is being implemented.
  • The optimal grow room temperature is set at all times.
  • The site has a sufficient amount of airflow and ventilation.
  • The best lighting system to maximize high quality yields is chosen.
  • Properly light proofing the grow room.
  • Safety is not overlooked or forgotten about.
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