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More on Seed Importers, your #1 best source in upstate New York.

Seed Importers was created and founded by leaders in this industry with over 50 combined years of experience in this market at that time. Seed Importers was born in New York and operates out of the state of NY as well. For decades, the individuals behind Seed Importers have worked with many of the biggest names in the industry.

The mission behind Seed Importers? Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and business owners succeed in this industry by providing quality products, expert consulting services and advanced strategies developed by our experienced team. As the "weed rush" era approached around 2007 and beyond, it was more obvious that the world needed a trusted source for high quality and reputable products for the industry... and Seed Importers was born.

What is the vision of Seed Importers? We are pioneering the future of where medical cannabis is heading; from research, cultivation, processing and distribution. We intend to become a leader in the cannabis industry and we aspire to lead, legitimize and define the future of this industry by building the world’s most trusted cannabis company.

We help growers and dispensaries cultivate and distribute the highest quality products that exceed the minimum standards. We always offer a wide variety of industrial and recreational strains based on your business needs. The seeds and clones we offer are provided by world renowned brands.

We can assist entrepreneurs and businesses alike in the process of identifying prime locations to establish their operations. In addition, we can manage the design and construction of grow facilities in accordance with the local law.

How can you maximize the therapeutic benefits of marijuana? Growing weed at home is a rewarding way to create a steady supply and it’s legal to do so here in Western New York.  

Many people with medical conditions can benefit from growing marijuana at home. If you suffer from chronic pain, the gentle movements required with gardening can relieve the soreness. If you experience depression or anxiety, a hobby offering a sense of purpose increases serotonin and dopamine production in the brain elevating your mood as you work on your crop.  THC and other organic compounds within marijuana offer anti-inflammatory benefits as well.

Many people find gardening to be therapeutic and rewarding. You will plant quality seeds, pamper your pot plants and then get to enjoy the harvest. While watering, feeding, pruning, and maintaining the weed crops, you can relax and get your mind off the stresses of modern life.

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